Beautiful Beginnings Early Childhood Education Center

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Beautiful Beginnings “BB’s” Summer 2K18

Parental Permission Form for Off-Premises

Travel by Vehicle

Name of Facility: Beautiful Beginnings Early Childhood Education Center:

Address: 3440 North 99th Street Kansas City, KS 66109 Business (913-788-2275)

Fieldtrips have been carefully selected and are developmentally appropriate for ages 4yrs. and up. There will be weekly fieldtrips per activity calendars. Calendars will be distributed on Monday June 10, 2018.

We will kick off our summer 2K18 Program on Monday June 10, 2018 with a meet and greet, distribute t-shirts, calendars, safety do’s and don’ts and more…

We are looking forwarding to having a Safe Fun filled SUMMER OF 2018!!

From All of Us @ Beautiful Beginnings!

I_________________________________ (Print Parent’s Name) give my child

__________________________________ (Print Child’s Name) permission to travel via van to and from all locations listed on their activity calendar. I have submitted all of the requested forms and payment ($125.00 to cover fees, admission, snacks-shirt,)

I understand that if my child displays unacceptable behavior during off site activities, Parents will be notified and the student will not be allowed to attend the next upcoming fieldtrip. If there is a reoccurrence of unacceptable behavior the scholar will not be allowed to attend future summer fieldtrips without a parent chaperone. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.

Please circle Child T-shirt size Sm (4-6) Med. (8-10) Lg. (12-14) XL (16-18)

Matching Adult T-shirts are also available $15.00 (each) S M L XL XXXX

Please indicate size_________ Quantity__________ Total for T-shirts__________

Summer 2K17 $125.00 Cash or Money Order Only Total Amount Paid______________

Parent’s Signature Cell # Date

Please Print Email address for communications:

Print Emergency Contact Name & Cell # (other than above Parent Click here to edit title.